My Past Tamagotchi

The following page might be long, so be prepared to read a lot.

Tamagotchi 4.5

Jewel was my first Tamagotchi. She was a teen Zourtchi when I downloaded the old I don't know what she was as a toddler. Anyway, I raised her up to be a Ura Yattatchi.
At 5 years old, the matchmaker came(a day earlier than I thought) and with a nice Mametchi. They fell in love and had a baby. I knew what I was going to name the baby. If it was a girl, Rin. If it was a boy, Len. It turned out to be a boy two days later, and Jewel left Len to be the next generation of Tamagotchi. I think Jewel went to live with Mametchi together. She was 7 years old and 41 pounds when she left.

I am currently raising him now. His mother is Jewel(see above) and an unnamed Mametchi.
Len seemed to really enjoy preschool a lot. But he didn't want to leave, just like Jewel.

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